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What is this font?

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How nearly does it have to match? The font looks a fair amount like italic Palatino Linotype, though Palatino Linotype is in my opinion more elegant looking (and better spaced). The lowercase letters are quite a close match; the uppercase "G" and "D" in your font are somewhat narrower.


I suspect that unless your font is very commonly used, it will be almost impossible to find an exact match. There are many, many similar fonts. The lowercase "w" is somewhat distinctive in the way it's rounded and the degree to which the final stroke curls back, so that's one of the first things to compare. It probably goes without saying that it wouldn't hurt to have a better example image than a small, blurry one, with a limited set of letters, including only two uppercase. That's probably why the automatic matches failed.


(I put this comment in italic Georgia, which is another similar font:  "Greece seems weak. Declares war on Greece.")

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