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Request/Question: Help/How to make a glass-like banner?

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Alright so let me be perfectly honest here, what i'm about to describe might make absolutely no sense to ya'll but i'm going to try my best to explain what i'm looking for. I'm trying to make a banner for my community website which is hosted on the enjin website, however it's proven to be quite difficult for myself to get the style and look that i want down pat and thus i'm coming here to ask ya'll for help. 


Basically i want a banner, that has two images in it (one on the left and one on the right) and is split down the middle at an angle so that the angles mesh together so to speak, then have a glass like look or shine applied to it. I guess in a way of saying, i don't want it to look like it has a matte finish to it. I haven't found a single plugin that will allow me to do this and i'm at the point of tossing the idea out the window.


If anyone can link me to a guide or plugin that can do this, or help me make it in general i would greatly appreciate it.



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