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Thank you Rick Brewster!

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I hope I put this short piece in the right place on this forum, If it isn't, let me know and I will move it...here goes!


I would like to give a BIG thank you to the developers of Paint.net! (Rick Brewster)


I am not a Graphics Designer but I know my stuff with whatever work I do and from time-to-time I need to do some quick designs here and there that requires quite a bit of power in terms of software.


I absolutely could not understand why Graphics Softwares' (companies) have to make things so complicated by putting their options and settings all over the place and hiding it...(probably to look smart)... Why re-invent the wheel, right? Till I by mistake came across Paint.net this morning, downloaded a simple 6Meg file and I was doing everything I would normally do on a mid-level Graphics Software platform.

You guys ROCK and you understand the Market (Well, I think so!) Almost like they (Big Fancy Genius Companies) develop software so that you HAVE to go on courses and go to Schools to learn the stuff....


Again, thank you guys (Rick Brewster) and you have my full support after today!!!!

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Welcome to the forum!  I'm glad you like the program.


Be sure to check out the tutorials section of the forum for instructions on how to accomplish amazing things using paint.net.


Also, check out the plugin forum to unleash the full potential of paint.net.


Finally, consider supporting future development of paint.net by giving a donation.

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