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Suggestion about eraser tool

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I looked in the feature requests and did not see this; also, don't see a "section" for suggested enhancements, so posting here...

The eraser tool circle disappears when you left click to use it. Then, if you are dragging it around to erase up close to an object, it is very hard not to "hit" the object because you can no longer see the area of effectiveness.

You can click, move, click, move, etc, but it is easier if there is a lot to erase just to drag it around.

Recommend the eraser circle remain showing when click depressed.

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Also the eraser tool would be better if it wasn't on or off so to speak, that is, if you could choose how much alpha to impart on each pass, or better yet each click of the mouse.

Actually, the alpha value of your primary color determines how much the eraser removes, transparency-wise.

Call me expired. Please.


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Not to be too picky about actual implementation details, but I would suggest the "tool selected but not clicked ON yet" be the circle with cross/+ in the middle...and when left clicked ON (put in erasing mode), the cross disappears (to give some feedback) and the circle remains to show the area being erased.

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