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WordArt problem lines across text randomly - rendering?

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I can't understand what's causing this, some times when I paste (for better word) the WordArt text from this plugin I'm using, it appears all broken with lines running across and it's random on every single paste. So if I was to fix this I would spam Ctrl + F the repeat/paste function over and over until it covers up the font and looks solid. How I see it and how it should be. I'm not sure if it's a bug in the plugin or the paint program. So why is spamming not a good fix? Well if I wanted opacity, spamming the text over and over will just make it solid white, adding other art effects and repeating them will also not give me the desired effect. I tried in different layers, solid background color....the only time it doesn't seems to do it is when the text is small like 8-18pt. It's almost as if the process didn't render completely. Anybody know what the issue might be and what I could do on my end to experiment 



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Hers my 2 cents. Keep in mind that plugin is one of the rare ones that asks for payment. You might be using a feature that can only be used properly after you pay the registration fee. The author hasn't been around for quite awhile. We still have the watermarks on basic text functions. So I would think those strikeouts are along the same lines. A way of getting your registration and payment for the plugin.





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It's working fine for me in v 4.0.13 :D.


P.S. Although it's no longer showing up in the Render sub menu - it's now in the main Effects window.

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