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how to do 'decorative pillow' effect?

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Does anyone know a good technique for creating the effect that an image has been printed onto a decorative pillow or pillowcase? I'm looking to take a regular flat image and turn it into something like the attached examples.


I can see that Render>Shape3D in "Half Cylinder Map" mode can sort-of maybe get me to a 3d-ish pillow shape (works better with the Lighting turned off), and Effects>Tools>Grid Warp could be used to stretch the corners of an image outwards to create the corners-of-a-pillow effect, but does anybody have any better ideas?





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You need a pillow without a background.

Add a new layer and bring an image to this layer. Change this layer's mode to multiply.

Go back to your pillow layer. Use the magic wand to select around the pillow. Inverse your selection (Ctrl +i).

Go to the layer containing your image and press delete. :)


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