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Missing files, PaintDotNet.Core.dll and others

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Hello, I was updating my paint.net but I accidentally downloaded the files on to my desktop instead of my paint.net file and I tried to move it but pressed something that deleted it. I tried to recover the files but I could not recover 4 of them for some reason. I also tried re-downloading the program but it did not work because it said something about a pre existing account. Also the restore option did not work. The missing files are PaintDotNet.Core.dll, PaintDotNet.Data.dll, PaintDotNet.Effects.dll, and PaintDotNet.Resources.dll. If anyone could send me these files or tell me how to fix this issue it would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for my horrible grammar and Thank you for reading.

paint dot net fail.PNG

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3 hours ago, NepKiraXIII said:

because it said something about a pre existing account.


Please tell the exact and complete error message. "Account" can only mean the Windows user account with which you are currently logged on. Please tell us whether there are several or only one and whether this is a restricted or an Admin account.

It may be enough to finish Paint.NET (or its installer) running the Task Manager.

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Start with step #4. Try reinstalling afterwards. Please let us know how you get on.

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