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have a different tool for right click

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I noticed each tool you select is used differently when you right click or left click, like with different colors, which is pretty standard. This never bothered me before but I'm trying different apps for stylus drawing on a surface 3 pro tablet and paint.net actually looks promising, but I would really like being able to use one of the stylus buttons as a shortcut for the eraser for example. Turns out I can set one to be the right click, so if I could set the left clic to the pen and the right clic to the eraser I'd have solved my predicament.

If you see a different way to accomplish something similar too, I'd be interested. Thanks for reading

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Hey there brys - welcome to the forum :smile:

Try setting the Primary color to your drawing color, and the Secondary color to fully transparent (tip: expand the Colors Window). With the Pencil tool active you now have left-click for drawing and right-click for erasing.

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