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Help with Image Skew / Quadrilateral Reshape

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Hi, I'm trying to skew an image of a poster to make the perspective consistent with where it will be located in a picture.  I'm trying to use the Quadrilateral Reshape tool.  I'm finding the image of the poster in the thumbnail the tool generates is very small (compared to the area you can manipulate) and often leads to the poster being cropped.  It seems its reshaping the whole layer and not just the image (see picture).

Any advice?

Thanks in advance

PDN Example.JPG

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You might try Perspective Transformation.


One method:

Put the sign in a higher layer.

Use the Rectangular Selection and the Move Pixel Tool to make the sign fill the entire layer (don't worry if it changes the proportion).

Run Distort>Perspective Transformation

Carefully place the corners on an area of the fence that corresponds to a rectangle (at least as large as you want the sign to be), using the fence rails as a guide. (It might help to temporarily decrease the opacity of the sign layer so it's semi-transparent.)

Adjust the location, size, and proportion of the sign using the X and Y Offsets, the Scale, and the XY Proportion.

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Layers > Rotate/Zoom or use Ctrl + Shift + Z


REF: http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/RotateZoom.html

(note the example image at the bottom of that page)

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