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Spaced text (variable letter and line spacing)

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On 8/13/2017 at 1:54 AM, Eli said:

@simmetric Thanks for the update.


The Spaced text works great inside a rectangular selection but sometimes I would like to be able to type and fit text in the middle of a round  selection or circle. Would it be possible to add that feature to the effect?

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That's an interesting idea. Paint.NET only gives the bounding rectangle of the selection area but it's possible to find the actual selection by approximation. I've examined a few plugins, none of them seem to try and find the actual selection but there's a way to do it.


I'm going to look into this and will let you know if it produces something workable.

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So, it's been a while since @Eli's request. Soon after I started looking into it, I had a working solution. Unfortunately this introduced a couple of bugs that were hard to solve, and I had almost no time to work on the plugin.

Eventually I decided to rewrite the entire plugin, cleaning up the code and probably producing faster results.


As of now the opening post has  been updated with the latest version 3.0 which adds support for any non-rectangular selection. Note that the plugin assumes that the selection is one whole and is convex (meaning there can be no holes inside the selection).


@Eli please let me know how this version works for you.


For the next version I will probably add an option to define the margins.



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the anti aliasing isn't doing what it's meant to for me. I'm trying to make the text simple pixels all one color no shading or "aliasing" I guess. but the lowest setting of it wont do that even though it used to do it perfectly. I don't think I've changed anything to make it act this way but since the program hasn't updated or anything something had to have changed. so does anyone know if certain windows settings or updates makes it this way? or maybe if the plugin conflicts with other plugins to cause this?


Edit: Nevermind. Apparently, turning on "ClearType" in the Windows appearance settings caused that whole anti aliasing issue.



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