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Create a checkerboard style design?

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I want to create a design similar to the attached. I have tried to create the original square and duplicate to create a line. By the time I get a couple of the squares done, everything is moving out of alignment. Even if I get something aligned, at the cost of several hours, when I save it and reopen it, the lines are fuzzy or askew. I have been using the jpg format and possibly that is not a good choice. I have also been using a resolution of 3000, is that an appropriate size. Mostly the finished product is about 68cm (15") square.


Is there a trick to doing this? Is there a dll to assist me? Where do I begin? I think I am not doing an efficient/effective job with my Paint program. Is there a place to learn basic edits from the beginning? I am probably doing more effort than necessary for simple issues.


Thank you, you have always come through for me. I do appreciate this group. May you be blessed in ways you have not yet imagined.  



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Make a square canvas, and create a single square that fills the entire canvas. Then run Layers>Rotate/Zoom with Tiling checked. Reduce the Zoom to some integer fraction (like 0.25 for 4, 0.125 for 8). For better results, use Red ochre's Distort>Aardvark plugin, which has antialiasing. Aardvark also has the advantage that it will by default divide the canvas into an integer number of repetitions. (You might want to set Tiling options to Repeat.) Create the original pattern so the lines run horizontally and vertically. Later on, you can rotate the pattern by 45 degrees to get the final format.


To produce a pattern like the one shown, first create a 3x3 version, then make the modifications for the different patterns, then rerun Aardvark (or Rotate/Zoom) to increase the number of repetitions. Since you want to make a 3x3 version, you will probably want a canvas size that's divisible by 3.


Other plugins that may prove useful are pyrochild's Borders N' Shapes and Chris Vandermotten's Object Align. These plugins will work inside a selection, so you can, for example, use Object Align to center a filled circle shape inside a selection, provided the background is transparent.


(If I were trying to create the design shown, I'd probably first make the square with the border and circle. I then turn it to a 3x3 version and erase (or fill with white) the squares without the patterns. That might be easier than adding the borders and patterns later.)

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WOW! That all makes sense to me. I cannot wait to try it, but it has been a very long day and I have about used every brain node available.


That is a good idea to duplicate what is there to get the idea complete before trying what I have in mind. First, copy then put my own spin in on it for my actual project.


Thank you!

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Hi @pat71896 I don't know if his tutorial may be of any use, but it's worth a look as it may be adaptable.  Perhaps you could leave spaces between the rows, instead of how @Ella has the shell texture close together.


Just a thought:





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How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

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I made something quick you can try, colors are not exactly as yours but similar. Your pattern is a repetition of those 4 tiles so I created them, then is easier to tile later as you wish.




I made original shapes in grey color, I find it easier to recolor and adjust later that way.


I filled the new layer with color and used Rotate/Zoom.





I filled the 2nd new layer with color and used Rotate/Zoom again, even more zoom in.




3rd new layer I used Filled Ellipse to create the circle. And ran AA´s Assistant afterwards on default settings to make the circle smoother.




Then I ran Object Align on all layers to make sure the shapes are all in center.




Now I used Tile Image on all 3 layers.




After that  I used Select tool and colored the shapes, I used Color Filter.







Then Outline Object to get the small border around on all 3 layers, merge the 3 layers and the tile is ready.




Now one can use Tile Image to repeat it as one wishes.




Or Layers - Rotate/Zoom with Tiling buttton checked.






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