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Print screen and paint.net

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When i press my print screen button on my keyboard to capture an image and paste it into paint.net i now also got an image of my desktop on the right.

Obviously this is not what i want, how can i get rid of that image copying with my print screen?


Thanks in advance, Eric

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5 minutes ago, eric123 said:

Obviously this is not what i want


Your desktop is a PART of your screen. So he is visible. If you want only an image of your active application window, press AltGr (or Alt) + Print.

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Beside this it is not really a good idea, to copy a single image by keyboard shortcuts and crop it later. If you see the image in your browser, use Rightclick -> Copy image or Save image to your harddisk and open it in the usual way. Browsers often show images downscaled to fit the window and website layout. Mostly the real image is bigger.


Additional there are a few browser addons to select and copy a part of a website (see example in hidden content).





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