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My design for a Beatles CD collection cover


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I did the drawing, scanned it in, and did the rest of the work on paintdotnet.

I'm really pleased I found paintdotnet. I think I found it earlier this year, or late last year, I dunno.

I bought a professional paintshop a couple of years ago, but couldn't get into it, where as PDN has a much easier user interface.

Here is my Diviantart.com page. With other stuff, I did with PDN.


I'm chuffed.

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I can see you have really good drawing skills (the hand is almost perfect in proportion and position and I know hands are the most difficult to draw!) that Picasso looking woman is beautiful, I would not stress the text cause it might eventually divert the attention from the image which is the most important part i.m.o., if that was my drawing (I wish it was, lol) I should have added a line of crows/sparrows over the wires :D

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yea, crows or starlings or something is a good idea, but the picture is sort of about a day thats bleakish, but not too bleak for birds to be active looking for soggy, discarded chips, in town. :D

The thing with the type is, that "Baby's in Black" was one of their earlier songs, and I think captures some of the style of the 50s combined with the chic of the 60's, that is plain and simple, that is what's left of the 50s, with the new Beatles black cloths chic, at the time of that song's release.

The smoke from the house is a bit late 60s, a bit more like the Sergent Pepper stuff, so combining for periods, but it is blacks and greys, but it suggests what will come later, for the Beatles.

Well, that's my reasoning.

Pretty sure that more elaborate styles would mess with the theme, but people can photoshop another style on it, if they want. See if you can improve it.

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