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need help with making text transparent

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For a Wikia page i want to create a new design for the menu.

Therefore i want to make a png. picture transparent. 

The letters with welcome are green and the background is white, but everytime i use the magic staff tool it selects both colors and therefore i can't remove the white background and save the green letters to be saved as a transparent picture. 

Can somebody help me to explain what i am doing wrong or can help me?

rb wiki 2.png

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As long as the text color is fully saturated (that is, it contains no white), you can use the Color Clearer plugin to clear the background. The color in your example is fully saturated, so it would work. The result will generally be better than using the Magic Wand to erase the white.


If you create the text yourself, create it against a transparent background. Then there will be no white that needs removing.


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