AndrewDavid˝s Creations .... 3D Ghost of Enterprise

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2 hours ago, AndrewDavid said:

Stock Image found on the Internet. Everything else 100% Paint.

So which parts are the stock image, and which were done in

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I could draw the enterprise a million timesB)


5 hours ago, lynxster4 said:

Well, that's impressive @AndrewDavid.   I'd very much like to see the final product.

I had Star Trek Enterprise on my mind also....;)

Not fully there yet - but I did make leaps and bounds getting there with this stage

3 hours ago, Woodsy said:

Nice @AndrewDavid! I like the contrast between the colors.

Thank you @Woodsy

On 06/10/2017 at 11:34 AM, LionsDragon said:

Paint.Net, the final frontier....


MUCH love for this one!

Trekkie for life @LionsDragon Waiting for some good images of discovery so I can start again.

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