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Can somebody make a stabilizer plugin? (or teach me to make plugins)


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I hate how shaky my art is, even with a wacom tablet, so I decided to look for a stabilizer plugin for paint.net. Unfortunately, there haven't been any posts about a stabilizer plugin since 2011, and it was replied to by @pdnnoob saying "just use the line/curve tool, sorry!" I have some experience with programming in javascript or BASIC, so if the language you use to make plugins is related to either I could probably learn it and make one easily, but if someone with more experience in making plugins does it that would be really nice! thanks :D

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2 hours ago, frostyerwinters said:

did you ever finish this plugin? 


I guess not @frostyerwinters as this post is 5 years old :)  Have you tried Shape Maker?  It's like the lines tool, but better.  Here is a great tutorial.


As to writing Plugins, there is this tutorial.


If you have any more questions on the subject, please start a new thread.


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It's not possible to make a plugin that does this. However, 5.0 did add native support for pens and drawing tablets, and some path smoothing. You can toggle both in the toolbar.



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