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Feature Request: Colour component / alpha editing

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I've been working on pixel art lately. Sometimes when doing pixel art, you want very precise changes, like tinting some rocks slightly green (without affecting all the details) to indicate that they are mossy. Things that are already green don't need to be even more green. (Neon!) I have been selecting colours with the wand and adding to the selection and then tinting it - but it can be tedious, and it occurred to me that there is an editing mode that would be naturally suitable for this.


If you can adjust just one component of a pixel colour (The R, G, B or A), it'd be a huge productivity boost. Flood fill 255,255,255,255, with only R locked and that is the only component affected for each pixel that is affected. (Determined by tolerance, etc.) Doing the same for alpha would avoid having a lot of different opacity layers to get the right effect. Just pick a number from 0-255 and adjust those pixels for only that specific colour component.


What spurred my desire for this the most was creating a pixel perfect crescent gradient to make an isometric round object look like it is being submerged in water or lava. Annoyingly time consuming and difficult with the current tools, which don't really treat alpha as just another colour to draw. None of the built in gradient tools are the right shape, so the work around is setting up many layers of different opacity and shifting portions of the image to those new layers pixel by pixel... ack!


With the feature described you could create a white crescent, then paste it overtop the image with only Alpha locked in to change the alpha in a very fine manner. Flood fill the crescent shape to a slightly lower alpha and re-paste one pixel lower... rinse and repeat. Rather than taking 30 minutes the whole process would probably be done in half a minute.


Not sure if Rick actually reads these requests. In case he doesn't, does anyone else have any ideas on how to accomplish the task faster?





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