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Thin grid in editor - update/plugin suggestion

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English isn't my native language, sorry for my grammar mistakes.


Hey there!

I'm using Paint.NET since very long time and honestly this is best free graphic-making software I ever used to work with. Mainly, I use it to make memes, photo edit, or simple pictures, just like my avatar (pretty neat, right?). I am also making games in RPG Maker, so this software helps me to make tilesets, sprites etc., so I need to separate every frame because I don't want to use messy animations in my game. Sadly, there is no option to make a grid that has defined size. For now, I use a half-transparent layer for making a grid but it's not very comfortable since I work on big zoom (400%-500%).


tl;dr: I need grid, so I can make animations for my game in very big zoom. For now, I use a layer for that but it's not comfortable.


This is how my grid looks like: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8gPdTUfr7wFdVlpdDNFeGU4Qk0

(sorry i didn't upload ss on forum or imgur, i have errors)


My suggestion is to add possibility of changing thin grid size in "view" tab. Would that be possible?


Thanks a milion!

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If you're creating sprite sheets I recommend this plugin

It has the ability to set the frame size.


If you want a simple square grid, I usually use this plugin. It makes a checkerboard pattern in two contrasting colors.


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