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second life!

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hey guys im new to this program.

have to say the interface is much more pleasing to the eye than. / gimp / photoshop

couldent even figure out how to use them!! :lol:

well i just read how to make alpha textures and it is so easy. ( especially how there's so much documentation on hear. )

my question is though is it possible to designe skins and clothes etc for second life.

allso could i have a few examples as what this program cand do etc

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Yes, as I'm another SL'er, and have made many textures using Paint.NET, it's quite possible.

And most of SL's files are usually targas, not tif's : )

But you can upload .bmp, .jpg, .tga, and .png into SL

well i was close enough :D lol i uninstalled it a while a go :D


psn id: R3V-fiR3

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