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Plug in request/Suggestion [Layer Mask Brushing]

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Simon Brown once created a plug in called AlphaMask Brush, which is no longer supported by him.  Having downloaded it and gave it a whirl, I feel that plug-in has a great deal of potential, but the lack of access to custom brush cripples its potential.


The arrival of the Brush Factory gave me reason to believe it is possible to create a plug in where a user, having access to custom brush generated from Photoshop's ABR file, can create special effect like qiTxo9F.png.


The only way I have been able to create this is using Brush Factory and alpha masking.  Would this be doable?


I think having a layer mask brush plug-in would unleash PDN's potential.

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I saw your comment in the Brush Factory thread.


What I have been doing is making a total of four layer - the original picture to have its edge "erased", a duplicate of the original image and liquidized, a white with black paint "splatter" layer, and a black with white "splatter layer."


The ability to copy the images and paste it in the Brush Factory's canvas is a huge benefit.  I can access the converted ABR brush from Brush Factory, paint on the edge to "erase", and then bucket fill that layer with white, copy that layer, go to the original image layer, and run alpha mask plug in.  It's a lot of work, but worth the effort.  The Brush Factory, in my honest opinion, is what Simon Brown's CustomBrushMini should have been.

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