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I hope I did this right, could use some help.

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Hello, I am new to paint.net. I have been enjoying using the program for various abstract designs in my spare time.
I have gone through the forums as best as I can just to experiment with various plugins, mostly beveling and shading. I  am not familiar with the terminology of some of the plugins. I am looking for a plugin that will rotate the object in various directions on the x, y, z axis. Is there such a plugin?

If I have posted this in the wrong place, terribly sorry and ask the adims to place this in the correct area.


Have a Blessed Day.

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Hello and welcome Velkynn :)


As you read the forums you'll get more familiar with where the posts go. I feel this one is better suited to the PDN General Discussion & Questions forum, So I'll move it there.


<Moved to paint.net Discussions & Questions>

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The online documentation is a great resource for new users. I'm admittedly biased because I wrote most of it :lol: Do take some time to read through the docs, they explain a great deal.


BTW you can access the docs from paint.net by pressing F1. Don't overlook the value of the paint.net custom search feature either (Ctrl + E or :Help: > Search)

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