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300 dpi and jpeg

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DPI: save yourself a template and change its properties to read only.


Default format is designed to preserve data (PDN for multilayered images / PNG for single layered images). There won't be a change here.



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Custom image template:


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I guess this works, but it is WAY too many clicks in my opinion.  I frequently scan sheets of stamps into paint.net and need to do some cropping and selection.  When I do so I hit "S" select my section "CTRL-N" and often hit "ENTER".  However this used the default 96DPI.  So I have to "catch myself" and make sure I manually change it every time.  CTRL-N is so much quicker than opening a blank image + it is already sized for what I need (and I am not prompted to make a decision about resize).


Perhaps if you are using the tool as a graphic designer always creating 128x128 graphics this makes sense but for those that are using the tool in a more non-traditional fashion it is little aspects like this that make it tough.  Even a "remember this" checkbox/icon that puts it in storage/preferences and sets it everytime would be a huge time saver.

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