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Ambigram method!

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Hi there! I saw @Jeania she searched for a ambigram method. Here it is!


1. Make a white background and 2 layers (textup and textdown for example)


2. In the first layer, (textup) write using the text tool, your word you wanna turn into an ambigram


3. In the second layer write again same text, (or lol duplicate layer).


4. While you are in the second layer, press "Ctrl + A" (select all) then go to *Layers tab* Flip Horizontal then Flip Vertical.


5. Move second layer text near first layer text


6. Try combining every word, example a  combination with t and l, then u and e.... but wait until you are exactly in the middle.


7. If you are at the middle, just copy the letters you combined and flip the selection horizontal and vertical. Then corp the combined words and done!


You are done... But it is better with other words... if you add some effects and a cool font it will be awesome!  (It is a "The End" ambigram made in



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