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Images 'corrupting'

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I'm not sure what exactly is happening, but this has been going on for a while and it's getting really frustrating. I don't know what's triggering it, though it only seems to happen when I save stuff as a PNG. Other than that, no idea. Haven't been able to find anything like this when I've searched so far. The image wasn't originally fully monochrome either.


Is there any way to restore the image?

Is there any way to stop this ever happening again?


All help greatly appreciated! (Also sorry about the strangeness of the original image)

Page 21.png

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Can you upload the original corrupted .png (unedited, not re-saved as a stable PNG) so we can see what's going on? It's not monochromatic if you zoom in. At 51% zoom in PDN, the color shows better than any other zoom level so far. It's yellow, green, red in the center of the squares, and dark blue in the dark border at the bottom. I currently don't think the image can be saved.


I noticed the current format is detected as 24-bit. 32-bit is default in PDN, so maybe what you have is a strange file format.

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