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Changing the Color of a Cushion in a Realistic Way

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Hey y'all,

   It's been awhile since I've been on here, and I just started working with Paint.net again.  It's amazing what one forgets, lol.  Anyway, I have a question:


I have some pics of tree stands with cammo cushions and I want to change the cammo color to black vinyl, but in a somewhat realistic looking way.  Any ideas?


So, in the pic, I'd like to try and make the cammo seat look like black vinyl...



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I don't think this is easy to do. I can't see any way other than essentially creating an entirely new cushion of the same size and shape. I can't imagine how you could take advantage of any of the current coloration. To create a new cushion, I'd try MKT's Shape3D and pyrochild's Grid Warp. Another approach is to fill the cushion shape with black and paint in the shading (which for a black vinyl surface is basically the shine) by hand. Painting the shading into another layer would allow the density and blending to be adjusted afterward.


In either case, make sure to Google (or whatever your preferred search engine) for images of black vinyl cushions. You can see how the shading should look, and even use the color picker to get the correct colors.

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