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Not to sound rude, but it's a tad small. It could also use some :AntiAliasingOn: and the planet itself could use a bit more definition. You should check Nabster's work, I think he even had a tutorial for one of his infamous Space work. Good Luck! :wink:

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To clarify, my sig used to link to a Photoshop tutorial which I followed to make "IMPACT".

But thanks for the praise :P

John-117, there are some good tutorials around here that show you how to make starry backgrounds and such.

For your particular planet - remember to check "Anti-aliasing" while in shape 3D, other wise it will come out with jagged edges.

If you'd like to get into making planets and space pictures this tutorial will be great for starting things off, as well as this one.

Hope I was of help,


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