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How do I export a binary image?

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I want to export an image as raw binary. I'm talking, let's say I have an 8x8 image. That should be a 64-bit / 8 byte image, but what mystifies me is despite only using colors 0 and 255 and no transparency, no matter what I export as, the lowest I can get is in the 160-180 byte range. Very odd. How can I export as a true binary image? Where 0 = 0 and 1 = 255 for example.

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An 8x8 pixel image will have 64 data slots. If you want them to consist of only 0 or 1 then try this plugin low color bmp filetype plugin. You'll want to set the Color Mode to black and White.


I got an 8x8 GIF low color down to 82 bytes, BMP = 94b, PNG version was 146b and TIFF the largest at 210b.


Some of the difference in size is the GIF header



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Another option I've just coded up for you:

I've updated my CSV filetype plugin to add a binary monochrome option. With it you can get a pure 1-bit output of 64 bytes.

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