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How to select small part of picture and save to original canvas size

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Hello everyone.


I have check the FAQ and Searched the Forums but haven't been able to find the answer I'm looking for (though it may well be there!).

I am starting with a picture of a bird where the bird is quite small (because I don't have a great zoom on my camera).  I would like to end up with a picture that is the same physical size as the original, but with the bird taking up the majority of the space (i.e. zoom in on the bird) and then save it under a different file name.


I understand that my resolution will drop significantly when doing so, but the pictures are already so high res that it still looks pretty good.


I'm hoping that there is a very easy way to do this as I would like to avoid a multi-step process for each picture (I have hundreds from my vacation).


I suspect that I need to be working with cropping or resizing, but haven't been able to achieve my desired results yet.


Any help is appreciated!

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