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ShapeMaker - by the Dwarf Horde v1.6.0 (August 7, 2020)

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When you are in the ShapeMaker you can go to Help in the top tool bar, to read the Manual.  Although I've never actually tried what you are asking, perhaps this - Page 29 - may suggest it could be possible.  But @lynxster4 and @toe_head2001 will know better than moi :)



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I say no, if I understand your post correctly, @TrevorOutlaw.


If you open ShapeMaker on a transparent layer, you get a transparent layer, with nothing to trace. If you copy an object to the clipboard first, then open a transparent layer (in a new file) your options are PDN layer or Clipboard. PDN layer option gives you a transparent blank layer ( with nothing to trace from) and Clipboard gives you your copied object. That's it.   After you trace your mask and save as a .dhp file and export it as an .xmal file, and put it in the Shapes folder, then you'll have to open your background image, open the Shapes Tool and 'draw' your shape to the proper size for your project. Then you can use it as a mask.  You are asking for 3 different scenarios to be possible at once.  If it's any different, @toe_head2001 will tell you.



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The next version of ShapeMaker will have improved ''Draw on Canvas' capabilities.

The rendering will be identical to what the Shape tool in paint.net produces.  You'll also have Outline/Fill options.

Your traced lines should also match up to your image when you use 'Draw on Canvas'.


I will probably have it out sometime in the second half of February.

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On 7/16/2019 at 10:57 PM, Red ochre said:

Shape-maker isn't really the ideal solution either.


What? Red - surely you jest 😄


ShapeMaker has the close path feature and as many nodes as you like.



Curing the mis-match between the shape created and what appears on the layer would be appreciated!... I meant to back-up my reasoning on the 7th of the 16th! ... but thought you'd think it was just sour grapes.

A line width adjustment within the the effect will also be very useful if drawing to the current layer (or default to line-width 1px if you don't want to add to the U.I.) and when re-opening the effect, ideally the bitmap background will line up with the vector image in memory... not sure whether the effect should take the layer's/selection aspect ratio or just clip to a square?

Thanks for your ongoing input!


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14 hours ago, toe_head2001 said:

Does anyone use the 'Output Scale %' in ShapeMaker? 


I don't use it all.

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  • toe_head2001 changed the title to ShapeMaker - by the Dwarf Horde v1.5.0 (March 21, 2020)
  • 3 weeks later...

I need your help!  Even if you don't use ShapeMaker.


There seems to be a bug in ShapeMaker that only affects some people.


Please follow the steps below. Please save any unsaved work, as this might freeze/hang Paint.NET.


1. Copy an image onto the clipboard.  (Pressing the 'Print Screen' key is a quick way to do this)

2. Open ShapeMaker, and click on 'Clipboard' under the 'Image Tracing Opacity'.


Now send me (via PM) three things:

- Did a freeze/hang occur?  Yes/No

- Diagnostics Information from  Paint.NET Settings -> Diagnostics -> Copy to clipboard

- If it froze/hung, does it freeze/hang again after closing other programs, including programs that run in the background like anti-virus ?

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