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Brush Factory v2.0.3 (Aug 15th, 2021)

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Hey all, I don't have a ton of time these days, but after getting the last two updates in from toehead and xchellx (fantastic bugfixes, guys!) I decided to try getting tablet support for BrushFactory once again. I tried a different tact, found a library pretty quick and started integrating things. Long story short, about 6 hours and I've got things working decently, including pressure sensitivity! Tested on my Huion tablet, so that's a good start.


I'll need to set up the GUI to allow people to make use of pressure sensitivity so they can map it to brush size, transparency, hue shift, etc. to get flexibility similar to photoshop or krita. When I'm all ready, I'll ask people to test with their own setup and after fixing bugs, I'll release. Positive news for tablet folks. :)

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Awesome. Please add me to your list of testers.


UPDATE: I've got a Ugee M1000L

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Posted (edited)

Quick update on things I've already completed in the version to come:
- Changed the interface to use expanding buttons instead of tabs
- Posted a rough version with tablet pressure sensitivity in this thread
- Made it possible to change symmetry origin to any place (previously it was always the center of the image)
- Added a symmetry mode that lets you define any number of points to draw from

edit: also added an eraser tool. Respects all brush properties. Erases to the image as it was when opening brush factory.

Still not sure how much time I'll have, but better anti-aliasing for small lines would be nice, and some kind of smoothing for people who don't have perfect hand-eye coordination.

As always, give me feedback because I directly act on it most of the time.

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eraser will be present in v3


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