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Brush Factory v2.0 (August 8th, 2020)

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He's asking for the ability to make the brush strokes lag behind the cursor to a distance, which allows the brush strokes to be smoother. They're currently made by repeating the brush image X amount of times along a line based on the "density" of the brush stroke which is measured relative to the size of the brush. This is how paint.net draws lines as well (you can see the actual lines if the program lags while you draw, or if you draw really fast in circular motions). The main advantage to this method is that there are no "gaps" as would occur if you just draw at the current mouse position every frame. But I digress.

On 9/18/2020 at 8:00 PM, Metalistic said:

tool that slow down the speed of the brush to make smooth draw

You're in luck because this is a listed feature I intend to support anyway. I might as well get around to it. All I need is to set the draw point as soon as the mouse is clicked. Instead of creating a line from the draw point to the mouse position every frame, I need to get the angle and magnitude of the vector and use some % of the magnitude towards the mouse point, then update the draw point to the new location. This should simulate what you get from most other programs, where the brush stroke lags behind the cursor position.

There is a better way to do it, which is to adjust the positions of the points so they're "smoother". This is a lot harder and requires drawing on a separate surface and updating the drawn image as the points adjust. The advantage is that the brush strokes are simply smoother without lagging the cursor. Both methods have their merits. I'll go with the first because I don't have to change the entire way that Brush Factory draws. I'll see what I can do when I get off work later.

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Hi, love the plugin! I was wondering if there was a way (or you can implement one) to apply a texture to the image used for the brush shape itself, instead of only solid colors (when I'm using black templates). Say you could select a section of an image, and then the shape you want to overlay it onto, so you could give your brush the texture of gold paper, or even part of another picture inside the shape.


Yeah you could just put the texture on the image outside the app, but if you want to try multiple textures on the same image you have to keep doing it externally and saving as separate file, so it's not very fast and breaks your flow. The good thing about it being in a brush is you can effortlessly copy the same image 

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Hi and welcome @SabreS.  🙂


While waiting for Joshua's reply, I recommend using Creative Text Pro, which allows you to put any texture on text and objects.


Read the post carefully for full instructional use. I find myself using this plugin a lot. It's for so much more than text.

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