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If you mean "How do I take an image with a logo and make it look like the logo wasn't there," it depends on the picture. There's no general solution. Often there's no easy or good solution. A common approach is to use the Clone Stamp to fill in the region with something similar. Another method (which I prefer) is to duplicate the image, erase the logo from the top layer so the other layer shows through, then use the Move Selected Pixels tool to move the lower layer around to replace in the missing region with something similar. This has the advantage of allowing the brightness, hue, etc. to be adjusted for a better match. Until someone writes an infilling plugin, that's the best I can suggest. (And even advanced infilling algorithms are a long way from perfect.)


Generally, the bigger the logo, the more difficult the problem,


Also, please edit the title. This is a Paint.net forum. The thread title "paint.net" is useless. Use something like "Removing logo from image."

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