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How can I put a tiny little picture next to my domain name?

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Can anyone help me? I try to figure this out for a while now. I would like to put a tiny little picture/logo next to my domain name. So that when a person writes http://www.juliasandor.com, my tiny little picture will appear on the left side.

We have little Y! next to yahoo and the standard is little e, if people do not replace it with anything.

Thank you so much,


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Those little pictures are called Favicons. They can be in just about any web-ready image format, but usually they're PNG, GIF, or actual ICO icons.

What you'll need is an image 16px by 16px - you can either make it by hand, or, if the image will work like this, scale it down from its original size. Usually the better choice is to make it at size, or you'll end up with a blurry, nondescript favicon.

Once you have your image ready, upload it to your webserver. Some webservers will automatically apply a favicon to your site if you place it in the root directory (the same folder your web pages are in), but you can also specify it manually.

To do it manually:

Between the

... tags of your pages, place the code:

Well, Simon beat me to the reply, but I typed a lot more... >_> :P

Hopefully one of these resources will be of help to you.

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