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Ho do you resize an image bought in Adobe Stock ??

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Hi everyone 


I just purchased an image from Adobe Stock and wanted to edit the size of it to fit my Facebook page so tried to open in in "Paint" the image looks huge now and so it tells me that horizontally my image is 5550 pixels and vertically it is 3363 pixels an online tutorial which I'm following told me that I should change my image to 851 wide and 315 tall however being an inexperienced total nube person like I am I just cannot get my image to resize to my desired size ?? because when I type in 851 into the horizontal box the number automatically changes in the vertical box to 515 what am I doing wrong and what can I do to fix this ?? 


Thanks in advance




Glen :roll:



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On the Resize dialog, there's a "Maintain aspect ratio" checkbox just above the size controls. It's checked by default. Uncheck it and you will be able to set the Width and Height controls independently. For most images, changing the aspect ratio will distort the image. You might be better off resizing to 851x515, then cropping the sides. To do so, after resizing, use Tool>Rectangle Select to make the selection. The selection size is displayed in the lower left. You can then use Tool>Move Selection, and move the selection left or right with the keyboard arrows. When you're satisfied, use Image>Crop to Selection.

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