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[Plugin Request] Batch Mipmap generator

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One of the things I noticed is that the majority of modders and even Bethesda use low quality mipmaps.

I haven't seen any algorithm beat Fant.  Even Nvidia Tools produces poor mipmaps.  Not the mention all the batch optimizing modding tools I have come across. 

Now if you know of a batch tool which produces equal or better quality to Fant, that would be just as good.

But I used GIMP, Photoshop and all indications are that nothing beats Fant in Paint.

The plugin should be tailored to DDS format and should output in the same format.


Just think of all the good you could do by finally providing a high quality batch mipmap generator; the first of its kind :)

All these batch optimizing tools that modders use are pure junk.




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