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Font cycling preview when using.

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Straight forward question.

When I type up my block of text to drop in to something, I'd love a hotkey or button which I can press to just cycle through next font, next font, next font, next font,  and so on.

I can manually click up the top but it's multiple clicks to cycle through the font I am using.


I would imagine this is possible and maybe I just don't know how to do it, does anyone know?


Thank you all.


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Highlight the font in the drop down list then use the Up/Down arrow keys while the drop down list retains the focus.

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Try this:


Select the text tool.

Click on your canvas and type some text.

Click the font drop down. (It drops down)

Click it again. (It closes up)

Keeping your mouse over the font names, use your mouse scrollwheel to preview fonts.

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2 hours ago, MJW said:

(though the drop-down list does sometimes obscure the text).


Remember you can spacebar + drag the canvas around the editing window ;)

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