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How can I improve this photo ? - The good taste

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I have tried reduce some wrinkles but I think look artificial.


How can I do a good work with my photo ?


Best Regards


Note : Sometimes I observ that is better not manipulate a photo because seems after artificial or irreal.

Specially in a man. Obviously must be differences according our sex.

What are the recomendation or good criteria with a man ?




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Again I recommend Surface Blur for smoothing out wrinkles. You just have to play with the settings until you get a result that you like (you can select specific areas in the photo and apply Surface Blur only to those selected areas). Another option is TR's Dodge and Burn, but that plugin demands manual work and patience and I do believe it's going to be harder for you.


The hair can be touched with the Smudge tool (using its fur brush may render an acceptable result, but consider it demands manual work and patience). Another option for working out the hair is the Furblur plugin, which has a good number of settings and therefore demands some time of experimentation (you can find it in Red ochre's plugin pack).

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Another option for softening the hairline is the Edge Expander.  Use the Lasso tool to select the hairline region. Set the Edge Expander Maximum Distance very low, the Fade Rate to 1, and the Opacity Threshold to some value that gives the best result, probably mid-range. For either FurBlur or Edge Expander, I suggest duplicating the foreground image, then applying the effect to the lower layer. That way things like the contrast and brightness can be tweaked, and perhaps a small blur can be applied.


A third option is the Zoom Blur. After duplicating the foreground layer, make the Lasso selection, then apply Zoom Blur to the lower layer. Set the zoom origin in the center of the head and apply a small zoom.

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