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New Zealand Earthquake


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Hoping that EER & anyone else in New Zealand is safe! Must have been a doozy! 



Apparently even the emergency phone numbers have been affected. 

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Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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Thank you all for your kindness thinking of us.


My partner and I were awakened by the quake. We live closer to the epicenter than Christchurch.


It felt very strong and lasted for many long seconds (not minutes that you hear reported).


The quake was a rolling one. Like a small boat on a large swell. This is infinitely better than the sharp jolt type which causes a lot more damage.


Our previous set of very damaging quakes (6? years ago) were preceded by a similar large rolling quake. Let's hope that pattern doesn't repeat.


We have no damage at our home and nothing at work was dislodged or fell. All told we were shaken not stirred :)

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There is quite a lot of infrastructure damage north of Christchurch. Kaikoura (pleasant sea side town right on the east coast of the South Island) was hit quite hard. Our capital Wellington has damage & people are being encouraged to stay home.


Size has been calculated at 7.5. That makes it the third largest in New Zealand in a century. I'm quite sure I've experienced all of those!


Thankfully the quake was not centered on a metropolitan area. That's what devastated Christchurch six years ago with the loss of nearly 200 lives.


Again, thank you all for thinking of us. We're OK - others are not so lucky.



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