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UserBlendOp versus BinaryPixelOp


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In the CodeLap 2.0 release, one of the changes is: BlendOps have been changed from UserBlendOp to BinaryPixelOp.


What is the distinction between them? I believe UserBlendOp is a subclass of BinaryPixelOp, but what is the significance of the change?


I notice UserBlendOp has an associated class called UserBlendOps that provides a number of helpful methods, while PixelBlendOps is labeled as obsolete.




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The following works in Paint.NET 3.5.11 and below

// Darken
private UserBlendOp darkenOp = new UserBlendOps.DarkenBlendOp(); 




The following works in paint.net 4.0+

// Setup for using Darken blend op
private BinaryPixelOp darkenOp = LayerBlendModeUtil.CreateCompositionOp(LayerBlendMode.Darken);


The change was made by Rick when developing 4.0.  I think the change was made to match the naming convention of Unary pixel ops.




Binary pixel operations take two pixels for input.  Unary pixel ops take one pixel for input:


// Setup for using pixel op
private UnaryPixelOps.Desaturate desaturateOp = new UnaryPixelOps.Desaturate();


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