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Requesting/suggesting a plugin?

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I honestly don't know if this is the right forum, but here goes.


I am running paint.net v3.5.5 and was wondering if there was any kind of plugin that could turn shaded color variants into transparency.


And here's what I mean:


With a gray color that is shaded lighter or darker, you can use the "Overlay" mode in the layers tab to merge said layer to a layer of color, and it will then have a shaded color.


And with that, by this suggestion/request for a plugin, I am saying this:


Make some kind of plugin that can merge a color layer and/or a grayscale layer to a fully transparent layer, and just make it be black with a certain number in the alpha value corresponding to the value you began with for the shaded color.


I am mostly sure that this has been proposed before, and this is why I'm also labeling it as a request. It is a most necessary thing for me to find out if this has been made ornot in the past, and whether or not a download for my version  of paint.net (v3.5.5) is available.


I tried to make this seem as little like a word wall as possible, so it is easier to read, and fewer people will tl;dr. (too long; didn't read.)

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I'm not certain I understand what you want, but take a look at the Color Clearer plugin. It "removes" a selected color so that if the layer is blended (in the Normal blending mode) to a background of the removed color, the original colors will be produced. For instance, if you have a grayscale image and the selected color is white, the resultant image will be all black, with alpha values that will produce the original image when the layer is above a white layer.

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