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How to align text in grid (pixelwise)

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I am a Paint.NET beginner. I have encountered this problem several times but I still don't know the best way of doing it. I'm not even sure if Paint.NET is a tool suitable enough for such task.


Let's have this image of sudoku. How to fill it with single letters so that the result doesn't look childish like on the second picture? How to fill it so that all the letters are on the same position? Is there something like "select the area and insert letter in the middle of it"? Or any other workaround??


Thank you for any advice...



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I'm looking for a solution with pixelwise precision.
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Before all possible second tips: just work precise! You see in the upper right corner of any active textfield a "nub" for moving with a arrow-cross. Use it.


If neccessary, use "Rectangle select" to select the room around the Letter, switch to "Move selected pixels" and use the arrow keys on keyboard to move the letter. Therefore it's way better, when you put all letters in a second layer and not on the original grid.

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Thank you for your tip, IRON67. I overdid the second picture to better illustrate the issue. I forgot to mention that I know how to position the letters by hand. But if you need it to be pixel-precise, not just "roughly okay", it will become a challenge, especially with horizontal positioning of asymmetrical letters like P, J etc. I should've put the word pixelwise in the title.

One "workaround" came to my mind - to use some software that has the capability of positioning text in area (LaTeX, MS Word, ...), then to make a screenshot of each letter, crop it to a desirable size and so work in Paint.NET with small square icons instead of using the Text tool. But still some solution without using external programs would be much more convenient.

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