LionsDragon's Gallery--To Vlad on His 443rd Deathday

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10 hours ago, lynxster4 said:

That's very good @LionsDragon!  I just love the stonework. <3


He looks like he's having a good ol' time.  😁



Thank you! I think that's the part I'm proudest of.


Aside from how hard it is for vampires to digest birthday cake, I think he's pretty content.

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9 hours ago, welshblue said:

Love it. 

Lots of great attention to detail and great textures too.  Nice lighting and shadow too.  


3 women ?  I'm not sure if I'd be grinning or covering my ears ...

(you know I jest ladies ... I'm a feminist really)


Thank you! The lighting and shadow had me close to tears a few times, so that's wonderful to hear!


I'm a hardcore feminist too, but having suffered through my cousin's seemingly endless collection of Dracula movies I have to agree that covering your ears is actually the right response. The gal on the right is too dead to say much. The three on the left seem to shriek constantly in every. Flipping. Movie. (Seriously Vlad, could you bite someone other than neurotic sopranos? --From, a neurotic soprano.)


Still wondering if he needs a cup saying, "Being king s*cks" with fangs. :D


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