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6 hours ago, LionsDragon said:


I have bad news for your son: Norwegian, as I mentioned, on both sides and can't find a Viking in the bunch. My mom's side is descended from the early kings of the Rus via the Jarls of Orkney (good chance of some berserkr blood in that line); my dad's side were the priests/caretakers of a pre-Christian holy site that's now under a church in Vossevangen. Neither side had a heck of a lot of reason to go a-viking!


If he really does fly into a berserkrgangr then...well, good chance you have some elite warrior blood! Given the incredible quality of your work, it wouldn't surprise me if you have some artisan ancestors as well.


Thank you again--a comment like this from you has me almost moved to tears. :):star:


Looking forward to seeing your earlier work


... maybe that's why my son had a Swedish girlfriend for 12 months ... his way of feeling  a Scandinavian :roll:


It's not difficult to say good things about your work ( looking back at my early stuff ... it wasn't as good)

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On 8/6/2017 at 8:07 AM, welshblue said:

It's not difficult to say good things about your work ( looking back at my early stuff ... it wasn't as good)


I find that hard to believe, but thank you! Full disclosure, I've been working with Paint.Net off and on for about 10 years; it's only now that I have the time (and reliable connectivity) to focus on it more.


And if your son wants to feel more Scandinavian, let me know because I've got plenty of recipes!

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Now @Pixey, @Maximilian, and @Seerose--I've got four pans' worth on the cooling racks and two more baking so there are plenty for everyone! :) (Seriously, my spritz recipe is ridiculous.)


Seerose, I wish I could find plates like that for you! They were inspired by a character in a TV show I like; she seemed like she'd have plates like that.


Annnd...oh my gosh! *hugs Seerose* You just gave me an idea for this year's Christmas card! Thank you, my dear sweet friend!


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