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Convert from PDF won't print correctly

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I scanned a picture, on a Xerox 7845 GPD, which saves it as a pdf (has option to save as jpg, but this has never worked correctly)

I drag the pdf into Paint.net and it converts and opens for me (plug-ins installed)

I work my magic, actually just arraying the picture for wallet sized photos.

I tried printing this file, before save as jpg, png, bmp, etc, but did not result in proper print.

I saved it as all of the above, but still having print issues.


So, the issue is, when I try to print the final image file, using Paint.net or Windows viewer, only a small strip of color, on the left side of the page, prints.

If I open any of the file types in Paint it will print, but the result is less than pleasing. On-screen, the colors look great, etc, but the print looks terrible. We use this printer for all our brochures and the results are always beautiful. Not sure if Paint is compromising the resolution. Regardless, I don't understand the issue with only a sliver of the image printing. I tried printing the different file types from my other machines w/o luck. Paint.net (or my settings) is doing something to the final file which may not be jiving w/ the printer. Speculation, but all I can up with.


PCs all running Win7x64

Paint.net build 4.0.12


At this time, I'm reluctant to post the file as it is of my child. If no one has a solution, and the file is absolutely necessary, I will try to replicate w/ something benign. 





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