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Texture Merger

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@MJW ... thanks for the answer.  The 'square' I was on about was just a basic rectangle - 2D'ish.  I've tried a few things like adding Bevel Selection to get it rounded on the edges like your sphere heightmap ... but a bit of a disaster.


Reading through your answer some things are clearer but I'm like @Woodsy and not so good at learning from reading.  Some sort of mental block goes up and I don't digest it.

Hands on I've got more chance.


An example I'm working on is the wings in This Image but I'm just getting a flat but textured effect like This Image

I've attached the wings and hopefully you can give me a few pointers to get some curves and ridges in there.  

I'm not bothered about colour as such because I do a lot of blur painting for final effect


Any advice gratefully received if not always understood :P


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@welshblue I have a comment on the Texture Scaler thread which may help with producing beveled rectangles, along with other such shapes.


I'll try to provide an idea for the wings soon. I think the the basic idea is to make a texture map that matches the way you want the wings to bend, then use the Add mode of the Texture Merger to combine the wings with the shape to you want them bent. (Or I should say "combine the wing," since I would guess it's easier to do one wing at a time.)

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@MJW ... Thanks.  Interesting read ... and another plug-in I didn't have


Don't sweat it about the wings, as I'm thinking of maybe using fractals or glow brushes as conceptual/surreal ... something anyways.

But I'll definitely try out your ideas above for use in future projects.  I will not be beaten 

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