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How can i use an image like a green screen

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Step 1: Open your empty card

Step 2: Use the menu "Layers > Add new layer"

Step 3: Put your text on this layer, adjusting as necessary

Step 4: Be sure to save in .PDN format (as this will preserve the layer structure)

Step 5: After saving in .PDN format, save your final image in .PNG format for use. You will be prompted to flatten the image. This is OK.

Step 6: After saving in .PNG format, press Ctrl+Z to restore the layers.

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Think our poster wants to use the background image as a mask to remove the same background from the text image. Right?


Try this:

1. Open the empty background image.

2. Import the text image as a new layer with Layers > Import from file.

3. Set the Blend Mode of the text layer to XOR.

4. Activate the Magic Wand :MagicWandTool:

5. Set the tolerance to 67% and click on the large black space above the bottom text region.

6. Press Delete.

7. Set the Blend mode of the text layer back to Normal.

8. Hide the background layer and Save.


Obviously the final layer will need some cleaning up (you can see these area on the gray backed frame). You can do the cleaning up with the Eraser before saving.


bg removal.gif

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