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Greetings wjt.

To answer in order:

1) use the Paint Bucket tool ( :PaintBucketTool: ) with your desired colour as your primary colour, then left-click on the canvas to apply the fill. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + A followed by a tap of the Backspace key.

2) Layers menu > Import From File


File menu > Open

Don't forget the Help files might help you, and give you quicker results than posting the question and waiting for someone to answer. You access them via the menu command Help > Help Topics.

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to add to Myrddin's post:

you can also bucket fill with your secondary color by choosing the paint-bucket tool, and right-clicking on the page to fill it.

also, for the parchment fill, that would work if your parchment is the size you require, otherwise you can use the photo-flood fill plugin to tile the image over and over in the selection

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