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Extreme lag and out of memory crashes on blank canvas

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Almost every time I open paint.net, on a blank canvas or a loaded image, the client is extremely laggy to the point where any alterations to the canvas itself need about a second before they actually appear. This includes whenever I move my cursor around - the crosshair does not lag at all but the dot under it where the brush is does.


Regardless of this fact, I went to go try and sketch something out hoping that I might be able to just get used to the delay and was doing ok until the client suddenly crashed and in the log mentioned an out of memory exception.


Here is the log for refrence: http://pastebin.com/264BDvRr


And my diagnostics paste: http://pastebin.com/XR3Hz3qY


I should mention that after this first crash I restarted paint.net and found that I did not lag at all when using the brush on the default blank canvas however as soon as I loaded a 900x600 jpg the lag came back both in that image and in the blank canvas even after the loaded image was closed. 


I'm not sure exactly when this problem first started, maybe it was when I switched over to win10 (fresh install) or maybe it was when I downloaded an update for paint or my drivers but it's really irritating as it renders me unable to use the program in any real capacity. I know that on the exact same system I used to use paint.net extensively in the past and never have had any issues. I would not expect there to be any issues with memory - system, video, or otherwise - so maybe the it's simply an option that I missed?


I've tried and gotten the same results with hardware accelerated rendering on and off, a fresh install did not seem to work and the problem occurs regardless of if there is an image loaded or not. 


Any help with this would be much appreciated. 


Solution found: EVGA PrecisionX running in the background somehow caused an issue for paint.net - as long as it's not running while paint is there is no lag or crash.

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