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Fix Blurred Photos

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I've just downloaded the Paint.NET 4.0.12 hoping to fix wedding pictures that are blurry.  Sorry - I am really an amateur so if you can give me any help, would appreciate it.  I've tried the obvious 'fixes' but it doesn't help. If someone can give me step by step instructions because I don't know what type of blur this is - radial, motion, surface????


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Hi Delores - welcome to the forum :)


Is one of your 'obvious fixes' Effects > Photo > Sharpen?

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When taking pictures like that, you really can't use the camera's "auto" settings.  There are 3 important settings to be conscious of when taking a picture: focus, aperture, and exposure.  


First is focus.  Be sure to focus on the most important point of the scene (like the bride's face).


Second is the aperture which controls the depth of field (how much of your scene will be in focus).  The higher the aperture number the more of your scene will be in focus.  For example, for a headshot, you might use an aperture of 4 and for a dynamic outdoor shot (where things are varying distances from the camera) you might use an aperture setting of 22.  For your wedding picture, I would have bumped up your aperture setting since some people are closer to the camera than others.  


Finally, the exposure setting.  This is highly tied to the aperture setting because the higher the aperture the smaller the shutter opens up to take the picture thus letting in less light... needing a longer exposure.  You should also bracket your shots (that is, setting your camera to take 3 pictures every time you press the button, one at your desired exposure setting, one at -.5 and one at +.5).  This would allow you to combine the best parts of each later in Photoshop for a superior overall final image.


I'm sorry that your images came out a little blurry.  But, honestly, I've seen much worse.


What you can do now is to open up the highest resolution image source you have and run the Effects > Photo > Sharpen effect.  Adjust the slider until you like the result.  I tend to think using this sparingly is the best way to go.


Remember, no matter what they say on CSI and the movie No Way Out, there is no way to reconstruct an "in focus image" from a blurry photograph.


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1 hour ago, Delores said:

.  I'm not sure how to use the 'Effects - Blurs' options.


The Blurs will simply apply more blurring. You want the opposite, which is why we keep recommending Sharpen. It's the natural opposite of Blurring.

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