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Word game makers (Sudoku) with Paint.net

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Hello pluging  developers,


I have seen on the net several sudoku generators using numbers and letters but I have not seen one that uses words. So my question is : Could a plugin be used to create word games such as a Sudoku game using words instead of numbers? if so, any one up to the challenge?


It would have to be able to create 4x4, 6x6 and 9x9 puzzles.

It would allow the choice to display as many cases as wanted.

An area to enter the words to be used in the puzzle.

An option to randomly mix the words.

An option to show the solution using a different color.

and display at the bottom the words to be used in the grid.



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The idea of a Word sudoku game is that it can be used as an educational tool to create worksheet activities. Similar to crosswords or wordsearch activities, sudoku activities words can help in the learning of words. But Words Sudoku has an extra twist, the student has to use logic as well as trial and error to find the solution, this gives a challenge to the activiy. It involves not just memorizing but a thinking process as well.


 An example where a Word Sudoku game can be used is learning to conjugate verbs in foreign languages. I can think of Spanish, French and Italian. In these languages there are six persons, and each person has a different conjugation for a verb.


The difficulty of the game can be adapted to different ages by showing more or less number of boxes(cases). 


Teachers would love it!


Another example : 


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TileWorld (http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/110911-tileworld/) will assist with the puzzle layout - not the logic.


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